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Maluri Equipment Leadership

Maluri Equipment (M) Sdn Bhd was established as a partnership since 1986 and draws over 18 years of expertise and experience in the field of supplier contracting and technical services. The company areas of specialization include

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Electronic
  • Automotive & Basic science

    Apart from the above, we are also one of the Bumiputera companies supplying education science and engineering equipment, test measuring, workshop machineries, research and development Equipment, process technology equipment for Universities, Polytechnics, Technical Training Institutes, Vocational Schools, Colleges, Research and Development (R&D) Centre and Private Industries.


    We are also been actively supply industrial chemical to factories, such as Rubber Industry and Oil & Gas related industry. Maluri Equipment has entered into an agreement for the construction and design of didactic training equipment in our factory at Shah Alam Technology Park with the cooperation of Phywe, German education system for basic sciences in conjunction with the Ministry of Education with the assistance of curriculum department. The product is manufactured in Malaysia for servicing local and overseas market.


    "Building the market with the solutions “Our missions are to become the most outstanding and dynamic equipment and chemical supplier and be part of the chemistry in country’s national vision - Vision 2020.


    servicesMaluri Equipment believes in associating with our customer, not just as a supplier, but as a partner in business. Our Sales team is trained to engage

    with the customer at the inception stage of a project to help them determine the most reliable, economical and long lasting solutions for their business needs.

    servicesWe differentiate ourselves by delighting our customers not only with our professional team, infrastructure back-up, availability of stocks, network coverage and quality products.

    servicesMaluri Equipment understands that our clients are making significant investment in their equipment and expect it to perform to its fullest potential. Maluri Equipment Service team and Support team in the Malaysia demonstrate our commitment to support customer investments.



    Under the leadership our director's Maluri equipment Sdn Bhd , a complete provider of engineering an industrial component supplier for leading & growing industrial companies throughout Malaysia.

    Our both directors has led major initiatives for the Maluri equipment Sdn Bhd around cross-company collaboration, safety, and talent development.

    Excellence of our dircetor's Executive Leadership & Management team has helped both strengthen the Maluri corporate culture and deliver a stronger overall value proposition for customers.