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Plant physiology

  • Photosynthesis (measurement of O2 pressure)

  • Transpiration of leaves

  • Glycolysis (measurement of pressure)

  • Visual Sense

  • Determination of the human visual field

  • Test of human reaction capacity

  • Human electrooculography (EOG)

  • Biochemistry

  • Determination of the isoelectric point of an amino acid (glycine)

  • Determination of the Michaelis constant

  • Substrate inhibition of enzymes

  • Heart and Circulatory System

  • Human electrocardiography (ECG)

  • Phonocardiography: Cardiac & vascular sonic measurement (PCG)

  • Blood pressure measurement

  • Ecology and environment

  • The Bergmann rule: Heat loss in dependence on body surface area and volume

  • The conductivity of various water samples

  • The pH of various water samples

  • The twenty-four hour rhythm of an aquatic plant

  • Respiration

  • Volumetric measurement of breathing in small animals

  • Volumetric measurement of breathing in small animals

  • Auditory Sense

  • Human merging frequency and upper hearing threshold

  • Hearing threshold and frequency differentiating threshold in humans

  • Nervous System

  • Recording of nerve and muscle potentials by mechanical simulation at the rear end of an earthworm

  • Model experiment illustrating the development of resting potential

  • Neurosimulator: Membrane time constant and low-pass filtering

  • Neurobiology: The nerve cell, Nerve cell interactions,Neural networks